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I was interested in photography as a child, and my father had even bought me an enlarger so that I could set up a small darkroom in my bedroom at night.

One afternoon in the 5th grade, a large tornado approached Dallas. I rushed home, found my father's 35mm Exacta camera, climbed on the roof, and began taking photos of the tornado. My plan was to develop the film and make prints to sell the next day. Unfortunately, I did not understand any of the settings, and of course the pictures did not come out. So went my first attempt at creating and selling photographs.

When I went off to Yale, I planned on becoming a Nuclear Physicist. Later, an Economist. Then I re-discovered photography, traveling to Europe, the Canary Islands, Morocco, Liberia, and Hawaii taking pictures. Finally, I settled down and worked as a commercial photographer in Dallas for over 30 years. I primarily shot portraits on locations, including many movie stars and had the honor of being hired by their campaigns to photograph Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

In my 60's I retired to Mexico and began taking pictures there. I was fortunate to have five of my photographs published on NatGeo.com.

I've been fortunate to be able to count Walker Evans and Jay Maisel among my teachers.

Several years ago, I moved to Milwaukee. It was only this past Spring, while looking for subjects to photograph, that I discovered wildflowers. Now I am completely hooked and feel I have finally found what I was meant to photograph.

I try to make my flower photographs intellectually interesting, often showing the anatomy of the flower, pleasing to the eye, and emotionally soothing. I hope you find them that way.

ON A TECHNICAL NOTE: Every article I have read about shooting macro photography, even that of wildflowers in the breeze, has said you must use manual focus. That auto-focus will not do. I have found that to the contrary, using auto-focus on my camera, an old Nikon D-300, I'm able to get off several bursts of 5 or 6 frames each, one of which will likely be in exquisite focus.


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